[Moderator Feedback] Poll Results

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Aug 212015

First, we would like to apologize for this delay. The post has been made around 2 months ago, but we have not forgotten about this wonderful mods that help EternalCraft.

Based from our results from the Moderator Feedback, we have some exciting news to share with everybody.

These two moderators were nominated by the community and received great feedback for assistance provided and also being active in EternalCraft. We would like to congratulate Clockspeed and Rogue_Art

Please congratulate them if you see them ingame! As a result of their dedication to EternalCraft, they have received 1 month of Emerald Donor!

(Sorry, poll results must be kept confidential :P)

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Summer Sale!

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Aug 182015

Sun, sand, beach, hot girls, hot boys, hot polar bears, surfing, slushes!! Summer is here and we want to give a treat to those of you that don’t care about it and want to spend your time playing Minecraft in your room with cool air conditioner. Until Aug 24 use the promo code “PinaColada” to get 30% off any 1 month ranks (this discount is not stackable with any other discounts).


PS: If you currently have a donorship and want to pause it to take advantage of the promo just send me an email to the same paypal account once you have donated. I will have to move it manually to take effect at the end.

Faction Mini-Update

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Aug 172015

Another small Faction update,

– Arena’s Items Edited
– No knockbacks from sword
– Power 1 Bow to Power 2 Bow
– Auctions Edited
– No longer uses Action Bar
– FactionMobs Edited
– FactionMobs weakened and made cheaper
– Titan added [IronGolem]
– Prices now:
– Archer — $20,000 — Squire
– Mage — $25,000 — Squire
– Swordsman — $20,000 — Mercenary
– Titan — $100,000 — Vassal

Crates has been disabled for now. To those that has the keys, you can have a refund with the previous Key Merchant.

Faction Mobs can be brought for Pvp-ing, raiding, and defending your Faction!
– /fmob spawn — Spawn a Faction Mob
– /fmob order goHome — Return your selected mob to its assigned home
– /fmob order follow — Make your selected mob follow you
– /fmob order patrolhere — Make your selected mob guard the assigned area
– /fmob order sethome — Assign your selected mob a home
– /fmob order tphome — Make the selected mob teleport to its assigned home
– /fmob order tphere — Make the selected mobs teleport to you
Select your Faction Mobs by Right-Clicking them. If your Faction Mob is lost, you need to find it yourself!