Jan 232015

Hello EC players!

To celebrate the arrival of Valentine and Chinese New Year on February 2015, we have prepared a lot of updates for you to enjoy in Prison Server. We decided to divide the updates into a few parts, to make sure all the updates are really ready to be implemented. So, here’s the list of updates:

Implemented Updates:

  • Rank Up Prices are nerfed!
  • Donors can now Rank Up with Discounted prices depending on their Donor Ranks.
  • Rank Up New Price Compensation Event.
  • Enchanting Tables at /warp dshop with enchanting levels depending on your Prison Rank (Starting from A).
  • Higher Sell Prices at /warp dshop (For each ranks).
  • Brand New /warp pvp and SecretShop!
  • New /warp tutorial

Here’s the list of new Rank Up Prices:

D to C = $10000
C to B = $55000
B to A = $160000
A to F = $600000
F to G = $1,200,000
G to H = $2,000,000
H to I =$3,000,000
I to J = $5,200,000
J to K = $8,200,000
K to L = $12,000,000
L to Free = $18,000,000

Prestige Ranks = x2 Normal Rank Up Prices

And here’s the list of Donor Rank Up Discounts:

IronDonor: 2%
GoldDonor: 4%
DiamondDonor: 6%
PlatinumDonor and PrestigeDonor: 8%
EmeraldDonor: 10%

Coming Soon:

  • New Prison Spawn
  • Player Hosted Rush
  • Quest re-release
  • Chinese New Year Event
  • Many other Events and New Systems…. (Including some secret updates) :)

Have Fun with the new Updates!

Jan 222015

Finally, a New Hub in EternalCraft Lobby has been implemented! Check it out!


Brought to you by xXK1NGxR3APERXx, DarkKnightz17, Trollson and WitherPlayMc. Big thanks to borncorp for approving and implementing it! Have Fun!