Upcoming Survival Update [11/15/15]

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Nov 152015

Hello Survivors! Currently, we at the survival mod team are carefully planning out the next Survival update! Survival is being revamped, lots of things will be re-done! We will have all-new events, a new shop system, a daily rewards system, and more! Here is our list of things we will be implementing soon:

  1. New Shop: This will have slim to none errors, unless we config it wrong. It will be a user-friendly menu, where you click on the item you want.
  2. Daily/Weekly/Monthly rewards: Every day, you will be rewarded with $500! Every week, you will get an iron pickaxe with efficiency 2, unbreaking 3! Every month, you will get a diamond sword with Sharpness 1, and unbreaking 1!
  3. /report: You will be able to provide tips to those mods on those pesky hackers and other offenses! However, there will be an 8-minute coolodwn.
  4. Realistic Bank: Basically, you can go into debt, etc
  5. Community Events: These will be things like scavenger hunts, giveaways, etc.
  6. New Events: We will have new events! We will also be re-doing almost all events, making them bigger and prettier!
  7. Updated Templates: We may have a new ban appeal template and mod application template.
  8. Disposal: Get rid of all that unwanted junk!
  9. Achievments: When you do something, such as kill 10 players, or kill 100 zombies, or mine 1000 blocks, you will get a reward!
  10. Quests: We will be implementing quests soon! These will be short, simple, and you will be able to get money and items from them!
  11. Pets: Get a companion! Depending on donor rank, you will get certain pets free, and as a member, you will be able to buy pets for a price!
  12. Mob Arena 3.0: Mob Arena has been a mess since around March, and we aim to fix it!
  13. GUI Menu: This menu will be opened with a command, and you will have several things to click on, which will do various things; Examples: Mod list, Rules, Link to forums, Link to donations page, et cetera.

~Survival Mod Team

[Prison FS] New Emerald Donor Perk and More!

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Oct 292015

Hello EC Prisoners,

Winter is coming! That means, Christmas is 1 month ahead! We have prepared a lot of events for you to enjoy, and all of them will be implemented at December. While waiting for it, we are bringing you some Minor Updates that will make your days awesome!

New Emerald Donor Perk:


Special Join Message

Christmas Decoration

Yes, Prison is now 50% decorated for Christmas. Please note that it is not 100% finished. More decorations are coming at December! So.. Enjoy the Winter!

Other Updates:

  • Halloween Event part 1, 2 and 3 have ended.
  • Rank D Support Event has ended.
  • Prison 3.0 Big Project has officially Started. More info: Click Here

Halloween Sale!

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Oct 272015

Get 30% off all 1 month ranks using coupon code “trickortreat”. Valid until the end of the month.

Happy Halloween!