Creative Update

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Jul 162015

Hello builders of EC,

We have once again updated creative in a very long time. Here are our new additions!

New Plot Plugin
» You can now merge plots with your friends
»Plot titles

»You can now sit on stairs by adding signs on both right and left side of the chair.

Revamped plot worlds and they have gone bigger

World Edit
Yes, we mean it
»/cyl1 (blockid) =$250
»/cyl2 (blockid) =$500
»/cyl3 (blockid) =$750
»/cyl4 (blockid) =$900
»/cyl5 (blockid) =$1,100
Note:If you want to create hollow cylinders just do /hsphere# (blockid) prices are still the same.
»/sphere1 (blockid) =$500
»/sphere2 (blockid) =$800
»/sphere3 (blockid) =$1,100
»/sphere4 (blockid) =$1,400
»/sphere5 (blockid) =$1,700
Note:Just if you want to create hollow spheres just do /hsphere# (blockid) prices are still the same.
»/undo =$1000 This clears your previous mistake in WorldEdit
They have commands just like members but with added commands namely:
»/pos1 and /pos2 both are at =$1,500 each
»/set (blockid) =$3,000
Note:Players must set pos1 and pos 2 first.

Raised money income from $300 to $500 for every 10 minutes.

New roads
Tired of seeing that old plain road? No worries, each world has there own road now.

That’s pretty much that I can mention.

Feedbacks and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Thank you for reading

Survival 1.8 Reset

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Jul 132015

We are doing a survival reset. By reset, we mean that we will are deleting everything in-game, including items, exp, towns, builds, everything. The only exception is that we will not delete the ranks from people i.e. donor ranks and moderator ranks. We are going to update Survival to 1.8. Then, we will have a fresh start with a new world, and with towns, and new everything. We are also adding gameplay changes, so it won’t be the copy paste of the same old thing. This reset will be soon, so expect your things to be wiped! However, don’t worry about losing your builds, we’re going to upload them so that you can all download the SV world if you want to.

Estamos haciendo un restablecimiento de supervivencia.Por este reinicio nos referimos a que vamos a borrar todo en el juego, incluyendo objetos, xp, Ciudades, construcciones, todo. En lo único que haremos una excepción sera que no vamos a borrar los rangos como rango de donador o rango de moderador, Vamos a actualizar survival a la 1.8, Después vamos a refrescar y empezar en un nuevo mundo, nuevas ciudades , y nuevo todo, También estamos añadiendo cambios en el juego, así que no vamos a copiar y pegar las mismas cosas antiguas, Este restablecimiento sera pronto, así que esperen que sus cosas sean borradas¡, Sin embargo no se preocupen de perder sus construcciones , Vamos a guardarlas para que luego puedan descargar el mundo de survival

Thanks To Einow For the Spanish Translation 

~EC Survival Mod Team

[Prison FS] 1.8 Update, Brand New Prestige and Crates System, and More!

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Jul 042015

Hello Prisoners,

Yes.. We are now fully 1.8! Join Prison with 1.8 and enjoy the new blocks and stuffs! We will update more stuffs in the near future, so keep up to date! :)

1.8 New Additions

  • New Blocks.
  • New Mobs.
  • All Other Minecraft 1.8 Features and Revamps.

1.8 Celebration Events

  • All players will have access to the command: /imatester . That command will give you access to a lifetime Prison 1.8 Tag in /tags . Event will end at Saturday, July 11th, 2015! After that, the command will NOT accessible anymore, which means you can no longer get the Tag!

All new Prestiges!

Bored in Free+ ? Well.. now you dont have to be, theres more prestige’s being released, the amount it costs to rankup will double each time. Prestige will now be shown in a number rather than a title, like this: [P1], [P2], etc. There are 10 prestiges! All the prestiges will come with a kit, named by your prestige, like /kit p1. It contains a pickaxe that is great for fast mining because.. trust me, your gonna need it! (who knows maybe more stuff will be in these kits in the future.) A new prestige will be released at anytime, as of right now we have a total of 10 Prestiges! Keep up to date on the forums!

Special thanks to: DuhMajesticMist, jellyman45.

People who are in a prestige rank right now that is not [P1], example Free+, please /mail send BananaKing105 rank fix. (I can tell if your lying so don’t do it if you are not prestige.)

New Crates System!

Crates are currently disabled. But it will be back anytime soon with a brand new system! Sorry for the inconvinience :(

For your info, we have added the new Crate System, but we are still configuring it :)

New Weekly Trade

Only Available until July 11th, 2015! Check out the Weekly Trade Villager at spawn and get the FunGun now!

Other Updates

  • You can now only deposit in Freedom World. Because of that, Prestige rankers should now deposit in /warp deposit.
  • Ore Parties are now hosted every 28 days! Next one will be at July 18th, 2015 (01:50 AM and PM GMT +7).
  • Rank D, E, K and L main blocks have been replaced.
  • Armor Stands are being used at ./warp mods.
  • Added Rabbits at /warp food
  • Upgraded Donor Kits!

Known Bugs

We will fix all bugs as soon as possible :)

Good Luck and Happy Mining!

Next Week Updates:

  • Bug Fixes.
  • New Weekly Trade.
  • More…