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Feb 162015

Many changes and improvements have been made on Survival in the past few days! Here is a list of some of the things…

Fixed mob spawners!
Re-added cactus and sugar cane to sellable items!
Added MobBounty Multipliers for Donors! (Different increase per donor rank)
Flint and Steel is now useable!
Server Slots increased to 70!
Iron Golem farms re enabled!
Villager trades re enabled!
Doors are now fixed and do not turn into half doors!
Bug Fixes!
Server restarts every 6 hours now instead of 3! (No more frequently interrupted gameplay)

Please report ANY lag so we can know what needs adjusted.

Feb 132015

The mods have voted for alex31298  as their new leader. I want to thank every mod for voting, I am confident alex31298 will do his best to keep the server in best shape.