[Prison FS] Crate Packages, Prison Menu, and Updated Convert!

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Oct 032015

Hello Prisoners,

So.. Most of you might be wondering what is the “Mini Crate Package” Spoiler that was published last week. Now, it is the time to reveal the update, and you can start to try it yourself! Not only that, we also have some other updates that come with it. Here are the updates:

Crate Packages


Crate Packages work just like Event and Ancient Crates, but the main prizes are supply items like foods, ores/ingots, swords, pickaxes, etc. For now we have 2 Crate Packages:

  • Mini Crate Package ($150000 in game money each)
  • Premium Crate Package (USD 1.33 for 3 crates)

Both Mini and Premium Crate Packages are similar, buy Premium Crate Packages do not have any junk items in it when Mini Crate Packages do. Premium Crate Packages also give you higher chance to get the main rewards from the Crate.

You can get Crate Packages from the sign at /warp crates (it will be behind you right after you spawn in the warp) or by using the command /buycrate . You can also access the shop from /menu . As for Premium Crate Packages, you can obtain it using the command /buy and choose Individual Items.

Prison Menu

Prison Main Menu has been added! You can open it using the command /menu

The menu(s) are not limited to those available now, we will add more menu(s) by time being!


Updated Convert

Having hard times using /convert? Now it will be easier to use it! You no longer need to keep executing the convert command. Execute the command once and click spam the items you want to convert in the opened GUI! Have fun with /convert !

Other Updates:

  • Rank C Support Event has ended.
  • New Weekly Trades!
  • New Donor Perks: (/me [text]) for all donors and (/pbc [text]) for emerald donors!

[Prison FS] Mission System, Rank C Support Event, and More!

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Sep 262015

Hello Prisoners,

Some of you might remember the old quest system that we used to have, don’t you? Well.. Good news for those who missed it, cause it is now back! The good part is, it is now located in Prison World, which means you will do the quests in Prison World, and your inventory will not be separated! You can access it using /warp quest ! For now, we only have a few quests, but more will be added by time being! We will also have a quest that changes every day/week in the future. Oh, did I mention that you can get various rewards by completing the quests?

List of Commands:
– /quest – check your current quest objectives
– /quests – open the help page
– /quests quit – quit your current quest
– /quests stats – check your quest stats
– /quests top – check the top questers

Note: Each quests can only be taken every 24 hours! And NOT ALL NPCS in /warp quest have quests yet.


  • Rank C Support Event

So.. During this support event, C rankers (Prestige and Non-Prestige) will get these following advantages:

  • 25% Rank Up Discount.
  • Rank Up to the next rank and receive an exclusive reward! (Will be different for every rank support event!)
  • New Crackshot Weapons for the supported rank (Will be added soon).

The advantages are not limited to that. More advantages might be added for some higher rank’s support event.

Other Updates:

  • Closed BlackMarket, all transaction processes are now moved to /warp plots
  • Fixed lag, increased server performance.
  • Closed /warp beta since the Mission System beta has ended.

Coming Soon:

Wait?! What is this?


So.. What are you waiting for? Enjoy the updates and wait for the upcoming updates, stay tuned! :)

[Minigames] Skywars Release!!!

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Sep 242015

Hello Gamers,

Today We are proudly presenting You The new Minigame SKYWARS!!!

Its easy To use
Fun to play 😀

We Have 3 Arenas For Now Thanks for Benjimon and DiceDead <3

**SkyWars Spawn ( we will make another one ASAP )

MAP”Caves By:Beijimon


MAP”AirShips By:Beijimon


MAP”Lava By:Beijimon & DiceDead




We Will have More Maps
You can also Create your own map and submit it On the forums
To Submit your map ClickHere
And We might add it :) 😉

SkyWars is STILL IN BETA-MODE Report any Bugs To the MG STAFF asap 

PS: Kits, SkyWars_Particles_Shop, Kits_Shop, PermKits_Shop, Weather_Voting, Time_Voting ARE Still under Development 

~Stay Tuned For More Minigames 😛

~Minigames Staff 

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